Custom Client-Focused Hair Solutions for Men in New Bedford

hair loss solutions for menIt is estimated that more than 45 million men in the United States are currently experiencing some degree of hair loss. The causes for thinning hair and balding can be genetic, part of the normal aging process, due to dietary issues, or other medical causes. The primary objective of our technicians at South Coast Hair Options is to discover the underlying cause of hair loss in order to provide our clients with solutions that work. We prescribe to the Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) method of hair loss treatment, which means that we have non-surgical, pain-free solutions for every person who walks through our door. Unlike other Greater Boston hair loss clinics, we understand that there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution when it comes to hair loss. Our hair solutions for men in New Bedford are affordable, natural-looking, and can solve ANY type of hair loss.

FREE Consultation for New Bedford Hair Loss Treatments

We start every new client off with a free scalp evaluation and professional consultation to determine the cause of thinning hair, receding hairlines, and baldness. Science has come a long way when it comes to hair solutions for men in New Bedford and the surrounding area. We offer treatments that are tailored according to your unique needs and type of hair loss that are safe and natural, affordable, and won’t restrict your active lifestyle. Even more, our treatments are designed to work with your existing hair and will help you to look your best. Whether you have temporary hair loss caused by dietary issues, such as the side effects of keto and hair loss as a result of the normal aging process, our team can help you to achieve all of your hair goals.

One of the benefits of choosing Greater Boston hair loss clinics that embrace the CHS method is that you can actually save valuable time and money compared to other treatment programs that don’t work. If you have ever had a friend recommend a great hair loss over-the-counter remedy that worked great for them but didn’t do a thing for you, you already understand how this works. Different types of thinning hair and hair require different hair solutions. Some might do well with our low-level laser therapy program, while others require support from our Virtual Reality hair replacement program. Our technicians are highly trained in the Corrective Hair Solutions method, and we are able to provide you with the treatment options that will deliver the best possible results.

Side Effects of Keto and Hair Loss

You work out, you eat right, and you try to do what’s best for your overall health, but no matter what you do, hair loss continues to be a problem. In fact, when you do a diet plan like keto, which restricts the number of carbohydrates in the daily diet, you might even see an increase in hair on your pillow and in the shower drain. The reason for this is that our dietary health impacts our overall physical health more than we realize, and for many, these symptoms can be seen in increased hair loss. This is true for both men and women. Diet, stress, physical stress, anxiety, and any change in habits or lifestyle can result in an increased risk for hair loss. Some hair loss is temporary and will grow back once your diet returns to a more balanced intake of vitamins, minerals, and protein, but for others, this could be permanent.

The good news is that South Coast Hair Options has treatment programs for those who cannot regrow their own hair, and it does not require painful or surgical solutions. Our Virtual Reality hair replacement program can be used even while you are undergoing other types of treatments. It is designed to work with your existing hair, matching the color, curl, and natural growth pattern to create a seamless solution that no one will notice. Used by celebrities, including actors, sports stars, musicians, politicians, and news anchors, Virtual Reality won’t restrict your active lifestyle and is more affordable than you might think. To learn more about this treatment and others, contact our team to schedule a FREE evaluation at our Greater Boston hair loss clinics by calling 508-995-7085.