Common Causes of Thinning Hair: Treatment Options for Women

causes of thinning hair in womenWhile there are many different types of hair loss and thinning hair that can impact women of all ages, one of the most common is something known as traction alopecia. There are behaviors that women do on a regular basis that can result in premature hair loss or temporary thinning hair. The word alopecia simply means hair loss, and there are many different kinds of alopecia, including hereditary and traction alopecia. This particular condition can develop if you wear your hair regularly in a tight bun, ponytail, or braids. It can be increased in visibility if you also use a lot of chemicals, heat, and product treatments on your hair. The good news is that for many, this condition can be reversed simply by taking care to no longer pull your hair back or use chemical treatments and heat. However, if it goes on for too long, the results could be permanent.

Solutions for ALL Types of Hair Loss

At South Coast Hair Options, we offer the best hair loss treatment for women because we create custom solutions for each individual who walks into our clinic. From the proven New Bedford laser hair therapy treatments to dermal lens hair Virtuesse hair replacement, we can guarantee professional results regardless of your type of hair loss. Some solutions can be temporary as you allow your hair to grow back naturally or receive other treatments to increase hair growth after a temporary loss. Other solutions can be for different types of alopecia, including hereditary, to either slow down the natural loss, prevent future loss, or to even regrow hair.

It all starts with a visit to our New Bedford hair loss clinic, where our team of highly trained and experienced technicians will provide you with a FREE scalp evaluation. This helps us to determine the underlying cause of hair loss in order to create a custom treatment plan designed specifically for your unique needs and requirements. Treatments can be based on your lifestyle, goals, type of hair loss, and budget, considering every aspect of hair growth and replacement. Virtuesse hair replacement programs can be tried through our trial offer program, which starts at just $390. Used by beauty queens, news anchors, celebrities, actresses, and everyday women just like you, this dermal lens hair replacement program can provide you with the thick and natural-looking hair that you have always wanted.

Symptoms of Traction Alopecia

Some of the early signs of traction alopecia include a redness of the scalp or bumps, which look like little pimples. A soreness or stinging on the scalp, combined with itching and even scaling, in some situations, are other things that our technicians will look for when examining your scallop. Folliculitis, which is the inflammation of the hair follicles and pus-filled blisters on the scalp, are other signs of progressed traction alopecia. If left untreated, these symptoms can become permanent instead of merely temporary. The hair follicles can become so damaged and scarred over time that they become unable to produce new hairs.

These symptoms are very different than what is seen with other forms of alopecia, so our technicians will be able to verify completely that this is the cause of your hair loss or thinning hair. In other types of hair loss, it is typically seen in patches all over the scalp, but with traction alopecia, it is usually just in the area where the hair is pulled that it can be affected. In some cases of excessive use of heat and chemical products, however, there may be a more all-over effect of thinning hair and scalp irritation. If you pull your hair back into a tight ponytail or bun, either for work or just hanging out at home, wear tight braids, cornrows, or dreadlocks, regularly use hair extensions or weaves, and even if you put your hair up in rollers overnight, it could be causing traction alopecia.

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