Can the Dermal Lens System Regrow Hair in Southeastern Mass?

dermal-lensOne of the most challenging aspects of growing older is being faced with losing one’s hair. Men and women of all walks of life and backgrounds can experience hair loss to one degree or another, leading to many individuals looking for solutions at hair loss clinics, hoping to regrow hair in Southeastern Massachusetts and all across the country. Some find success with local treatments, such as the New Bedford laser hair therapy, while others seek out an immediate solution, like the Dermal Lens System.

Why So Many Solutions?
You might be thinking, if these solutions are so great, why are there so many options available? The truth is that there are different solutions based upon the inherent causes of hair loss found in men and women. Each client is different, so it is important to receive a professional evaluation of your condition before shelling out a lot of money on treatments and options that won’t work with your type of hair loss.

South Coast Hair Options is one of the top hair loss clinics in the entire northeastern region, providing clients with solutions that work based upon a clinical evaluation done by our highly trained and experienced technicians. We help our clients find the best solutions that will help them to overcome the stigma and negative feelings associated with hair loss to improve self-esteem and confidence.

You Can Regrow Hair in Southeastern Massachusetts
Thanks to treatment options now available at hair loss clinics nationwide, clients are finding new ways to regrow hair or employ hair replacement treatments that will help them to start feeling like themselves again in no time. Low level laser therapy and other newly adapted treatments are finding great success with many of our clients, but there are some situations where regrowing hair is just not an option. This can be due to an illness, allergy or other underlying causes, which is why it is important to get a complete evaluation before trying any type of treatment at hair loss clinics. What can work for one client, might not necessarily work for another. The treatment that works for you will be based upon the cause of your hair loss.

What is the Dermal Lens System?
For those who are unfamiliar with this type of treatment used at hair loss clinics here in the South Coast region, the Dermal Lens System is a revolutionary option for clients who do not want to wear traditional wigs or hair pieces. It provides the freedom to go swimming, play sports and do other activities that would require the removal of temporary hair pieces. The Dermal Lens System gives our clients a full head of hair that does not need to be removed and keeps looking great no matter what they are doing.

Men and women can both benefit from the Dermal Lens System, especially if they have been unable to regrow hair in Southeastern Massachusetts for one reason or another. This system can also be used to hide hair loss without the use of uncomfortable hair pieces, hats, wigs or be limited to a specific hairstyle to hide hair loss. Compared to other treatment options employed by other hair loss clinics, the Dermal Lens System that is available at South Coast Hair Options is durable, can stand up to gusty winds, showering, exercise, sweat, swimming, summer temperatures and other activities that cause other hair solutions to fail.

How Does the Dermal Lens System Work?
The actual name of this product indicates just how thin and unobtrusive this solution can be for the clients who use it. It is called Dermal Lens because the “lens” is very thin – sort of like a contact lens. It allows hair to be injected into the lens to make it appear as though the hair is growing out of your actual scalp. The Dermal Lens System can be made to match your existing hairline so that it is not obvious that the lens is not an actual part of your head.

A professional consultation is required at local hair loss clinics before the Dermal Lens System can be applied to ensure that it is applied properly. South Coast Hair Options will also make sure that this is the best hair solution for you based upon your needs. If it is possible to regrow hair in Southeastern Massachusetts based on the underlying cause of your hair loss, through local New Bedford laser hair therapy or another approach, this solution might be a waste of time and money.

Contact South Coast Hair Options by calling 508-995-7085 or stop by our location on Acushnet Avenue in New Bedford, Massachusetts to receive a FREE consultation from one of our experienced and certified technicians. We can help you find the best solution for your hair loss based upon the cause of the issue, the type of hair loss that you are experiencing and, of course, your budget. Call today and find out why so many clients in the Southeastern Massachusetts area trust South Coast Hair Options above all other hair loss clinics in the region.