Boston Hair Loss Clinics: Virtuesse Hair Treatment for Women

boston-hair-loss-clinicsPerhaps the most tragic thing about women who suffer from hair loss or thinning hair is that they often suffer alone, attempting to hide their condition with new hair styles instead of actually seeking treatment. However, the truth is that the sooner you visit hair loss clinics to determine the underlying cause of hair loss and begin treatment, the more successful your experience will be.

Clients all over Southeastern Massachusetts – including the Boston area – can benefit greatly from the wide variety of hair loss treatments in New Bedford at South Coast Hair Options. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced with knowledge of how to treat hair loss in women that are designed to help you regain your confidence.

How to treat Hair Loss in Women
While a lot of attention is given to hair loss in men, studies now reveal that approximately five percent of women under 30 and a staggering 60 percent of women older than 70 are affected by hair loss in North America. There are many different types of treatments and options available, but it is important to first identify the cause of the hair loss and begin therapy based on those findings.

In cases where regrowing hair is not an option, Virtuesse hair replacement, which was designed specifically for female hair loss, is a great solution. Women typically lose hair over the crown area rather than have a receding hairline or bald spot like men, so it requires a different approach. South Coast Hair Options is an authorized clinic for the Virtuesse hair replacement system, helping us to meet a wide variety of hair loss needs.

What is Female Pattern Hair Loss?
The medical term for this type of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia. It is caused by a strong genetic issue that is inherited by the mother, father or both parents. Female pattern hair loss can begin in the late teens or early twenties. The earlier it gets started, the more severe the hair loss can be, so it is important to visit hair loss clinics as soon as you notice your hair is thinning. What happens is that the hairs become miniaturized and look more like the hairs found on someone’s forearm. They are unable to achieve their normal length and are quite wispy, representing a shortened growth cycle in the scalp.

Women will usually first notice the hair loss when they see the part in their hair begin to widen or realize that their ponytail is smaller than normal. Some women see success with hair loss treatment in New Bedford with Minoxidil, however it is not 100 percent proven. Approximately 80 percent of the women who use the foam treatment once a day will see hair growth, but it is important to learn how to treat hair loss in women at your local clinic instead of attempting an over the counter solution. It can take three to four months to see noticeable results and it is important that the prescription be used each day.

How Does Virtuesse Hair Replacement Work?
For women who have had unsuccessful hair loss treatment in New Bedford using other methods or women who want to see immediate results with thicker, beautiful hair, Virtuesse hair replacement is an excellent choice. Thinning hair, chemically damaged hair and female pattern baldness can all cause hair problems that are extremely noticeable. To look your very best, consider the Virtuesse system, which can help women with all kinds of hair loss to look and feel like themselves again. This non-surgical approach give sour clients natural looking hair at a great price without a lot of time in the chair.

South Coast Hair Options is currently offering a free hair and scalp evaluation to new clients, which is worth approximately $250. We are the only studio in the Greater Boston area that is authorized to give an assessment of the Annual Rate of Hair Loss (ARHL) to help our clients make a decision based on hard evidence. Make sure to speak with one of our technicians about our $390 trial offer, which is designed to help our clients get on the road to recovery quickly and easily without having to spend a lot of money up front.

Call South Coast Hair Options in New Bedford
If you are in the Greater Boston area or another part of Southeastern Massachusetts, contact South Coast Hair Options for Virtuesse hair replacement or hair loss treatment in New Bedford. We are one of the only hair loss clinics in the South Coast area that is authorized for many of the treatments we provide. We know how to treat hair loss in women and men, providing each client with individual attention. Give us a call today at 508-995-7085 to set an appointment or to speak with one of our technicians.