Boston Hair Loss Clinics: Tips for Women on Thinning Hair

Hair loss in womenDid you know that 40 percent of all people who suffer from thinning hair are women? We most often think about men when we think about hair loss, but women have to deal with this problem as well. It is important to learn how to treat hair loss in women, because sometimes it can be very different than how it is treated in men. It is also important to understand that Southeastern Massachusetts hair loss in women is not just a cosmetic issue, but also an important psychological and emotional issue that can seriously impact a woman’s confidence and feelings of self worth. Studies show that approximately one third of all women will experience some form of hair loss within their lifetime, so it is important to deal with it head on instead of trying to ignore it.

What Can You Do?
The first thing that you should do is to visit local Boston hair loss clinics, such as South Coast Hair Options in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Before you can provide treatment for any condition, you need to first understand the underlying cause. Our team of highly trained and experienced hair technicians will work with you to establish a complete evaluation of your unique situation and provide you with a diagnosis of your condition. In some cases, South Coast laser hair therapy for hair loss is best, while in other situations, a combination of treatments might be prescribed. You will have your best chance for success if you work with a clinic that treats your specific cause of hair loss rather than just trying a bunch of different products and wondering why they don’t work.

Not every solution is created for every type of hair loss. This is important to remember. Many people will spend hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars trying every option on the market before becoming discouraged that it is not working. Southeastern Massachusetts hair loss for women can be caused by a number of things, including genetics, stress or the environment. Knowing the cause of your hair loss is instrumental in finding a cure. In some cases where treatment is not an option, South Coast Hair Options still has opportunities for women who have experienced hair loss to regain their confidence and create a full head of natural hair.

Virtuesse for Women
South Coast Hair Options has a solution known as Virtuesse, which can be used as a temporary solution during treatment to help women to look and feel like themselves while waiting to regrow hair at Boston hair loss clinics. It can also be used in situations where the cause of hair loss makes it impossible to provide a solution, such as a side effect from medication or a medical condition. Virtuesse is reasonably priced, quick, painless and easy to use. Our team will provide you with a free hair and scalp evaluation, as well as an assessment of your Annual Rate of Hair Loss or ARHL, which can help you make a decision on how to treat hair loss in women for you.

Used by celebrities in Hollywood and across many other industries, including beauty pageants and modeling, Virtuesse is a great way to replace thinning hair or patches of hair loss with a non-surgical and natural-looking solution. Make sure to ask about our $390 trial offer, which is an incredible savings compared to other types of hair extensions for hair loss replacement. You can get a thicker head of hair immediately or have Virtuesse added gradually for a more subtle change. South Coast Hair Options is an exclusive provider of Virtuesse, which you won’t find at many other Boston area hair loss clinics.

Other Solutions for Hair Loss in Women
A combination of other treatments are also available at South Coast Hair Options in addition to Virtuesse. Supplements, topical products and South Coast laser therapy for hair loss are just some of the most common treatments that are used. Learning how to treat hair loss in women is important to finding a successful solution for our clients. This is why we offer a variety of treatments at our clinic, to ensure that we have the options that will work best for every client as an individual.

Come visit South Coast Hair Options, located in New Bedford, Massachusetts. We have more options and dedicate more time to figuring out the cause of your thinning hair or hair loss than most other Boston hair loss clinics. We believe that the only way to find a real solution is to get to the literal root of the problem. Give us a call at 508-995-7085 and schedule an appointment for your FREE EVALUATION with our team of highly trained and experienced technicians.