Boston Hair Loss Clinics: How Damaging is Hair Loss to a Man?

When a man begins to lose his hair, regardless of age, it can be extremely damaging to his self-esteem and confidence. While there are lots of role models, celebrities, actors, and influencers who can rock a shiny bald scalp, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of losing their hair. Male pattern baldness in Boston is more common than most people realize. Studies reveal that more than 45 million men in the United States alone are experiencing some degree of hair loss. The causes of hair loss in men can vary widely, which means that the treatment from a reputable hair specialist must be different as well. Sadly, many men waste years of time and thousands of dollars on one-size-fits-all solutions in a bottle that never make a difference in the look, feel, and regrowth of their hair. At our Greater Boston hair loss clinics, we have the unique ability to provide solutions for ANY type of hair loss. Low-level laser light therapy, dermal lens hair applications, and other treatments can be used to deliver instant results and long-time growth.

Common Causes of Hair Loss in Men

At South Coast Hair Options, we begin each new relationship by providing a FREE scalp assessment to determine the underlying cause of hair loss. While there are genetic and hereditary conditions, your hair loss can be extremely unique even compared to other close members of your family. Just because your father or uncle’s hair loss was diagnosed as alopecia, that does not mean that your hair loss will benefit from the same treatment methods. Dietary problems, prescription and over-the-counter medications, protein deficiencies, chemotherapy, medical causes, normal aging, and genetics are among the top causes of male pattern baldness in Boston and the surrounding area.

The good news is that our treatment options are safe and natural, affordable and are designed NOT to restrict your active lifestyle. Our non-surgical dermal lens hair treatment is nothing short of a miracle. It combines cosmetic style and innovation with proven scientific and medical methods to deliver exceptional results. Our technicians work with each client to develop a customized and individualized solution that is designed to address your specific needs and requirements. Working with a hair specialist is much different than buying a bottle of product from a big box store and crossing your fingers that it will work. You can rely on our many years of training, experience, and knowledge about the treatments, products, and methods that we use to help you look your best.

Grooming Products for Men

One way to determine the importance of healthy hair for men is the recent increase in products designed specifically for male grooming. Gone are the days of a simple pomade in a tin; today’s products are developed scientifically in a lab to improve the look, feel, and texture of a man’s hair. Studies in the United States reveal that more than 50 percent of men over the age of 20 use between six and ten different grooming products in the course of a day. Shampoo, conditioner, styling products, and more are flying off the shelves as more men become aware of their appearance. Our Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) program is designed specifically for our male clients, addressing male clients’ unique needs at our Greater Boston hair loss clinics.

Since the beginning of time, hair has been a symbol of strength, virility, and masculinity in men. While the type, amount, and location of that hair have changed throughout the centuries, thick hair is coveted by men for one reason or another. Chest hair – and other types of hair all over the body – is just as much as a symbol of masculinity as the hair on your head. However, the thing that most people notice first is the hair on your head – how much, the thickness, the style, and the hairline. Men who suffer from male pattern baldness in Boston can attest to feelings of inferiority and self-consciousness when standing next to male colleagues, friends, family, or competitors with a full head of hair. For others, hair loss might feel like a sign of advanced aging – even though men as young as their early 20s can begin seeing telltale signs of male pattern baldness.

What We Do at South Coast Hair Options

Our goal is to help our clients achieve all of their hair goals, providing them with affordable, all-natural solutions that make them look and feel like themselves once again. Whether that means low-level laser light therapy, dermal lens hair, or a combination of multiple treatment options, our team of trained, certified, and experienced hair specialist technicians can provide solutions for ALL types of hair loss. To get started on your journey to a full head of hair with a FREE scalp assessment, contact our team by calling 508-995-7085 and speak with one of our technicians to schedule an appointment.