Boston Hair Loss Clinics: Dealing With Male Pattern Baldness

While many people may think that hair loss doesn’t affect men until they are older, the truth is that male pattern baldness can affect men of any age – even in their 20s. Regardless of your age, it can be difficult to deal with hair loss. You may have already visited local Boston hair loss clinics with no success. It is important to match a treatment to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area with the type of hair loss you are experiencing. South Coast Hair Options provides each and every client with a complimentary consultation to determine the cause of hair loss. Our treatments include professional New Bedford laser hair therapy, Virtual Reality hair replacement and a host of other Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) options.

The Emotional Side-Effects of Hair Loss
Hair loss can cause depression in some individuals, resulting in anti-social behavior, such as missing out on events, losing confidence in dating, or just a feeling of hopelessness. Fortunately, there’s something that you can do in Southeastern Massachusetts for hair loss in men. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that you can buy at your local grocery store in a bottle, but there are proven methods used at reputable Greater Boston hair loss clinics, like South Coast Hair Options.

You have two choices: you can do something about it or you can ignore it. Some men look great with a bald scalp or hair that is shaved down to a low and even level. However, not everyone appreciates these styles and might want something more. Take the first step to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area and visit our clinic in New Bedford. Working with a licensed, experienced technician will provide you with much greater results than any “solution in a bottle” ever could.

Make a Plan for Treatment
Once our technicians are able to identify the cause of hair loss, which can be heredity, due to medications you might be taking, stress or a host of other reasons, it’s time to make a plan for treatment to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area. New Bedford laser hair therapy is a popular treatment that has shown promising results for hair loss in both men and women. The best part is that it is painless, low in cost and does not have any side effects.

The difference between Corrective Hair Solutions (CHS) at South Coast Hair Options and other treatment programs is that CHS is completely tailored to meet your unique needs. Because there are so many different types of hair loss, different types of treatment options are required. Unlike other Boston hair loss clinics, South Coast Hair Options creates a truly custom approach for each and every client we serve.

Immediate Results or Treatment Over Time
There are some situations where you just want to have your hair back right away on your own terms. There are both surgical and non-surgical options for clients who do not want to try New Bedford laser hair therapy or chemical treatment applications. Hair transplants are the most common surgical approach. They are permanent, but can take some time to see results. For those who do not want to wait, however, there is an immediate solution that can be provided at our local clinic.

Virtual Reality is not a hairpiece and is a painless, non-surgical solution in Southeastern Massachusetts for hair loss in men. It is not something that you wear, put on or take off. The technique that is used to apply this solution includes a virtual derma lens, which is sort of like a contact lens, which has human hair inserted into it. We can match the same color, texture, curl pattern and density to your natural and existing hair. It becomes a part of you and helps you start feeling like yourself again right away without having to wait for treatment results.

Home maintenance for Virtual Reality is as simple as washing, conditioning and styling your hair, just as you would normally. Come visit South Coast Hair Options to see for yourself the results of this miracle application. It can even be used while you undergo additional treatments to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area through pain-free New Bedford laser hair therapy and special treatment shampoos and serums. Give us a call at 508-995-7085 to speak with one of our technicians or to schedule a FREE evaluation at our Greater Boston hair loss clinic.