Boston Hair Loss Clinics: Best Hair Loss Treatment for Women

Studies show that more than 30 million women in the United States are currently experiencing some degree of hair loss. This can occur in middle age or start happening in your early twenties. The underlying cause of thinning hair and hair loss can vary widely, so it pays to have an understanding of what is behind the hair loss before you begin to treat it. While there are lots of over-the-counter remedies, including shampoos, treatments, and products, to choose from, most of these hair loss solutions are designed for one particular type of condition. This is why a product might work for one person but do nothing for another. The smart advice is to visit reputable Greater Boston hair loss clinics if you really want to get the best hair loss treatment for women based on your unique needs and requirements.

Corrective Hair Solutions

At South Coast Hair Options, we utilize an approach to hair loss and thinning hair that is known as Corrective Hair Solutions or CHS. It discards the unrealistic idea that there is a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to finding the best hair loss treatment for women. Genetic, environmental, and other considerations must be taken into account when attempting to find hair loss solutions that work. Whether that means laser hair therapy, special chemical treatments, or the use of an advanced dermal lens system to restore your hair and confidence, our team of highly trained and experienced technicians can help you to achieve your goals.

You and your hair loss are unique. Our Greater Boston hair loss clinics begin each new client’s treatment program with a complimentary scalp evaluation to determine the true cause of hair loss. Your biology, diet, lifestyle, scalp condition, DNA, and other factors all work together to create a profile for your individual treatment options. All of our Corrective Hair Solutions are safe and natural, won’t restrict your active lifestyle, are affordable, designed for women, and work with your existing hair. Unlike other hair loss solutions that might require you to shave your head or commit to a painful surgical procedure, our approach can help you get the hair thickness, density, and length that you have always wanted in the way you want to achieve it.

Hair Loss Solutions for Women

Men and women lose hair in much different ways. While men have the telltale receding hairline or bald spot at the crown that reveals the way that their hair will begin to disappear, women work differently. Thinning hair and balding generally occur in the part line, revealing more and more scalp as time goes by. This is why hair extensions and standard hairpieces simply won’t work for many women. Different hairstyles, changing your part, wearing hats and scarves – these solutions only work for so long and can only do so much. Virtuesse is one of our treatments that is used by celebrities, public figures, and beauty queens to have fuller, thicker, and longer hair – even if they don’t have a hair loss condition.

Affordable, quick and easy, and totally natural-looking, you won’t have to commit to daily care beyond normal shampooing and styling to keep looking your best. We match your hair color, growth pattern, curl pattern, density, and other strategic factors to ensure a completely natural look and feel. No one will know that you have received a Virtuesse treatment except you and your stylist. You can begin with a complimentary hair and scalp evaluation worth as much as $250. We can even offer a trial Virtuesse treatment starting at just $390. It has never been more affordable or easy to get a treatment option that will help you to look and feel beautiful and natural again.

Schedule a Consultation

The best way to get started is to contact South Coast Hair Options by calling 508-995-7085 and speaking with one of our technicians about getting the best hair loss treatment for women in Southeastern Massachusetts. We can schedule a FREE consultation at our Greater Boston hair loss clinics and provide you with information, insight, and pricing for our Virtuesse dermal lens system. After your scalp evaluation, we can discuss individualized options for our other hair loss solutions to help you say goodbye to hair problems, alopecia, chemical damage, and thinning hair!