Boston Hair Loss Clinics: 8 Reasons to Cure Female Hair Loss

Treatments for Hair Loss in WomenWhen hair loss is discovered, it can be a devastating thing. While many local clinics look to solve the medical issues of how to treat hair loss in women, rarely do they ever consider the emotional and mental strain that hair loss can cause. While hair loss for men causes its own share of stress and negative body image, hair loss for women can reach a whole new level of distress. While there are many reasons to visit area Boston hair loss clinics like South Coast Hair Options in New Bedford, this article will focus on eight reasons that reflect the emotional and mental issues faced by a woman who is suffering from hair loss.

#1 – Loss of Youth
Losing your hair is not just a sign that you are getting older, it actually makes you look older than your years. So to women who suffer from hair loss, concerns about losing their youth, desirability and vitality, are often first and foremost the consideration. If you are just starting to see hair loss, sometimes all you need is South Coast laser therapy for hair to start seeing a reversal of that loss. Laser therapy has been proven to increase circulation and blood flow, which can cause an acceleration in the growth phase to help regrow hair.

#2 – Poor Body Image
No matter how old you are, you want to look good. Boston hair loss clinics have learned how to treat hair loss in women of all ages, including women in their 20s on up. A change in the hairline or hair loss at the crown, which is where most women experience it first, can alter your entire appearance. Virtuesse hair replacement can be used for female clients who want to have a full head of hair without waiting for treatments to begin working. Virtuesse can be used in conjunction with other treatments, including South Coast laser therapy for hair, to provide instant results.

#3 – Styling Issues
When hair loss begins, styles are limited for many women who try to find ways to comb over or cover up thinning hair. Pony tails can do more damage, as can hair sprays and other styling products, further increasing the problem over time. A visit to local Boston hair loss clinics can help you to identify the cause of your thinning hair and connect you with people who know how to treat hair loss in women.

#4 – Self-Esteem & Confidence
One of the biggest side-effects of hair loss for women is a loss of confidence and self-esteem. While this is also true for men, thinning hair is more socially and culturally acceptable for them than it is for women. Some women feel that they are stuck wearing hats, scarves, headbands and other cover-up items for the rest of their lives, when there really are other options, such as South Coast laser therapy for hair, that can help them to get their confidence and life back on track.

#5 – Not Feeling Attractive
In a society where physical beauty and youthfulness plays such an important part in the day-to-day, not feeling attractive to a spouse, significant other or people who you meet, can cause great depression in women who experience thinning hair and hair loss. Women spend a lot of time and money on dyeing their hair, styling it, washing it, drying it and getting it cut, so when women lose their hair it can be traumatic, to say the very least.

#6 – Embarrassment
In some cases, the hair loss can be so bad that women are too embarrassed to go to a hair dresser, stylist or even to Boston hair loss clinics to get help. They are worried about what people say. Virtuesse hair replacement is an excellent solution for women of all ages with hair loss in all stages. It is the 100 percent foolproof method for how to treat hair loss in women. Quit being worried about what people think and what they might say about your hair loss. Come to South Coast Hair Options and let our team of technicians find the best solution for you.

#7 – Depression
Some people who experience hair loss fall into a deep depression. It is understandable with all of the embarrassment, stigma and other concerns related to thinning hair. It is important to visit local Boston hair loss clinics to find a solution for your hair loss before you become depressed, start shying away from social situations or seclude yourself indoors entirely.

#8 – Work-Related Issues
Depending on the type of job that you have, whether you work directly with clients or customers, or if you have a very public career, you may also end up suffering at work due to your hair loss. Women who have thinning hair can find help to avoid increasing problems with work-related issues, including instant solutions like Virtuesse hair replacement and long-term solutions, such as South Coast laser therapy for hair.

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