Best Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair at Boston Hair Clinics

best-hair-extensionsIf you are experiencing hair thinning or outright hair loss, it can be embarrassing, frustrating and confusing, especially with all of the products out there that promise to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area. The best thing you can do is to visit Boston hair loss clinics in Southeastern Massachusetts and ask about the methods that they recommend on how to treat hair loss in women. Male pattern baldness is more common and more accepted by people as a general rule. When women start losing their hair, they immediately look for ways to cover it up until they can receive treatment. Unfortunately, some of the treatments can do more damage than good.

Once you visit a hair loss clinic and find out what the underlying cause of your thinning hair is, you can then start working on a cure. There are methods that can regrow hair in some cases, such as low level laser light therapy (LLLT), which has shown remarkable results in women. But the truth is that each case of hair loss is different, so it is important to work with a clinic that does an evaluation and diagnosis before asking you to invest money in a treatment that may or may not work. It is important to get the right treatment options to ensure the quickest results that will help make you feel like yourself again.

South Coast Hair Options does a FREE evaluation on each client that comes through our doors to determine the cause of hair loss. We understand the stress involved with hair loss and we want to ensure that our treatments yield the best results for each and every client we serve.

What About Extensions?
There are some situations where extensions are recommended either as a temporary solution while a treatment is being given to give the client a remedy while waiting for results. There are also other instances where the cause of hair loss is not conducive to the treatments available on how to treat hair loss in women, so extensions are the only option to get a full head of hair back for some clients. If you are experiencing hair loss, the UltraTress brand of hair extensions are known within the industry as being the best hair extensions for thinning hair.

UltraTress can be applied to areas of the head where traditional extensions are unable to be used, such as the midscalp – which is where most women experience hair loss first – and high up on the temple area, another common location. Due to the unique nature of these extensions and the way that they are applied, amazing results can be had for clients who have been previously unable to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area. The techniques used to apply the UltraTress extensions are less damaging to the existing hair than other brands and methods.

Get Beautiful Hair Without the Wait
Some brands of hair extensions require you to sit in the chair all day long, but the UltraTress hair extensions, which are made out of 100% top quality human hair, can be applied within a fraction of the time compared to typical hair extensions. Add volume to thinning hair or just add some extra length for a special occasion, UltraTress is a popular solution for many different women who are seeking to improve their look or style. There are three application methods, including the UltraTress II, UltraStrands and UltraLinks, which are the best hair extensions for thinning hair.

  • UltraTress II – Available in 30 beautiful natural colors, these are pre-bonded fusion strips that are handmade using 100 percent Remi Human Hair. They can be applied to areas where traditional extensions cannot, helping to reduce application time.
  • UltraStrands – Again, these are available in 30 beautiful natural hair colors and are made with 100 percent Remi Human Hair. The hot fusion method used to apply these extensions create a very natural-looking appearance and a seamless transition when they are blended into the client’s hair.
  • UltraLinks – Choose from 30 blended colors made from 100 percent Remi Human Hair, these extensions can be used to add volume and length. They are very natural looking and can be used to add lowlights or highlight’s to a client’s hair without having to undergo a heat or chemical treatment application.

Contact South Coast Hair Options
If you are interested in learning more about how to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area or if you want to get a FREE estimate on the cost for the best hair extensions for thinning air, contact South Coast Hair Options. Unlike other Boston hair loss clinics, we perform a FREE evaluation of each client to determine the underlying cause for hair loss. We have found that this is how to treat hair loss in women and men with the best results. Give us a call at 508-995-7085 to set an appointment or to find out more about our services.