Benefits of Custom Hair Loss Treatment in New Bedford for Men

hair loss for men in new bedfordOnce reserved solely for Hollywood celebrities who could afford individualized attention, it is now possible to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area when you visit South Coast Hair Options in New Bedford. Our custom solutions for Southeastern Massachusetts hair loss can help you to look and feel your best without settling for some out-of-the-bottle or off-the-shelf solution that only wastes your time and money. We begin by providing a professional assessment of your current hair loss situation, including the type of loss, rate of loss, and details about your existing hair, including growth rate, curl pattern, length, and styling preferences. Each treatment will be based on your unique needs, whether that means laser hair therapy or another type of hair loss treatment in New Bedford, designed to provide the fastest, most natural-looking results available.

What is Laser Hair Therapy?

The healthcare industry has been discovering new ways to use low-level laser therapy to stimulate cell growth and aid in healing for many years now. Laser hair therapy has been proven to help regrow hair in the Greater Boston area in clients who meet certain criteria for this type of treatment. The energy from the lasers is absorbed by the hair follicle cells, which helps to stimulate the synthesis of proteins and boost metabolism. Clinical studies and real-life use of laser hair therapy has shown that this pain-free and affordable hair loss treatment in New Bedford is effective to increase hair growth and reverse hair thinning.

This is just one of many treatments available to our clients at South Coast Hair Options to help address the issues surrounding Southeastern Massachusetts hair loss. Some of the techniques and treatment options that we offer are used in conjunction with other therapies to provide instant results while the client receives ongoing services to help address the underlying cause of hair loss. For most clients, hair loss is hereditary. While late-night TV ads may promise quick results from the use of “laser hats” or topical shampoos, the truth is that the best way to get your hair back is to work with a professional technician for targeted treatments that address your unique needs and requirements.

Don’t Wait Any Longer

If you are tired of looking at more and more of your scalp in the mirror, do something about it. If you want your appearance to reflect the way that you feel inside, South Coast Hair Options can help. Studies reveal that more than 45 million men in the United States are currently experiencing some form of hair loss. The cause for hair loss can range from genetics to normal aging, medical issues to dietary problems, protein deficiencies, chemotherapy, alopecia, and a host of other common issues. Our technicians work with each client to develop a custom hair loss treatment in New Bedford that is designed to help you look like yourself again. Our Custom Hair Solutions (CHS) program is affordable, safe and natural, and won’t restrict your lifestyle in any way.

We work with your existing hair – there’s no need to shave your head or make any extreme changes to your appearance. Our goal is to help you look your best, provide you with solutions that are completely natural-looking, and solve ALL of your hair loss problems. By individualizing our approach to Southeastern Massachusetts hair loss, we are able to offer each client with the treatment, services, and support that they require to get the results that they desire. Whether you have been suffering from hair loss for years or if you have just started noticing more hairs on your pillow each morning, South Coast Hair Options can help, and it all starts with a completely FREE consultation at our New Bedford clinic.

Virtual Reality Solutions

There are some situations where our clients demand instant results. Instead of suffering through a painful surgical procedure, which may or may not take, we offer Virtual Reality solutions that match the color, density, curl, pattern, texture, and style of your existing hair. Virtual Reality is not a hairpiece. It is not something that you put on each day and wear, but a technique that applies an invisible, non-surgical derma lens to your scalp that becomes a part of you. Real human hair is used that is meets all of the criteria to effectively match your existing hair – no one needs to know that it’s not your own, natural hair.

Used by some of the biggest names in Hollywood, as well as celebrities of every type across the country and around the globe, Virtual Reality is a miracle hair restoration solution that is more affordable and easy to care for than you might think. There is essentially no home maintenance required for Virtual Reality outside of normal washing, conditioning, and styling. Our technicians can either provide a complete application of the Virtual Reality solution in a single visit or add it to your existing hair gradually so it won’t be as noticeable to your friends, co-workers, and family members. It’s up to you how we do it – our goal is to help you feel like yourself again, eliminating the frustration and embarrassment of hair loss.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact our team by calling 508-995-7085. We can answer any questions you might have about the treatments and solutions used to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area, including laser hair therapy and Virtual Reality for men. Our technicians will work to find the best hair loss treatment in New Bedford designed to provide the best results for your type of Southeastern Massachusetts hair loss. Call today to schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation.