Androgenetic Alopecia: Regrow Hair in the Greater Boston Area

Male pattern baldness - stop hair lossHave you ever heard of androgenetic alopecia? Chances are that the medical name is unfamiliar to you, but just about every man knows its common name, which is male pattern baldness. The term alopecia is used to describe a number of different types of hair loss or thinning. The term androgenetic refers to the relation of androgens or hormones to the loss of hair. For men, male pattern baldness is seen as a receding hairline, hair loss on the top of the head, or both. Hair loss in women can be quite different, including hair loss at the part, near the front area of the scalp.

Finding a Remedy for Hair Loss
The best way to figure out how to regrow hair as a treatment for hair thinning in the South Coast area is to learn more about the client and find out what the underlying cause is for the hair loss. Male pattern hair loss is a condition that is inherited, usually from a father, uncle or grandfather. It is typically caused by a sensitivity to a hormone known as DHT or dihydrotestosterone. The growth or anagen phase of the hair cycle is shortened as a result of the DHT, dropping from a period of years down to a period of just months or even weeks.

In some cases, the DHT can also cause something known as a “miniaturisation” of the hair follicles, where they actually shrink to produce hairs that are finer and sometimes no hairs at all. The body’s natural production of DHT is definitely genetic. In fact, several different genes can be affected, with each accounting for a different type of hair loss, such as the severity of the hair loss, the age that it begins to appear, the pattern that it makes and the progression of hair loss. It is important to work with an experienced hair loss clinic that can help identify what the cause is in order to best treat Southeastern Massachusetts hair loss in men.

Normal Hair Cycle Patterns
Finding the remedy for hair loss can be found in gaining a better understanding of how normal hair cycle patterns occur. A person’s hair growth alternates between different periods of activity and rest.

  • The anagen phase or growth phase, can last between two to six years. The hair follicle is long and deep at this phase of the cycle, producing thick hair that is well-pigmented. At any given time, approximately 90 percent of all scalp hairs should be in this phase.
  • The catagen phase, which lasts about one to two weeks, happens just prior to the resting phase. At this time, the hair follicle base begins to shrivel and shrink.
  • The rest period is known as the telogen phase, which typically lasts for about three months. Once the resting period occurs, the hair is retained by the shrunken follicle so it won’t fall out prematurely. However, before the growth phase begins, the old hair falls out to make room for the new hair to grow.

Another thing that you need to know to better understand how hair growth works, is that hair on the scalp is different from the hair on other parts of the body. It actually grows in groups of three to four hairs. In cases where androgenetic alopecia is the cause in Southeastern Massachusetts for hair loss in men, the groups start to lose hairs over time. Once all the hairs in the group are lost, that’s when the balding scalp begins to appear. This is why it can be difficult to find a treatment for hair thinning in the South Coast if you don’t go to a clinic that first identifies to cause of hair loss in order to find the best remedy for hair loss.

Why Treatments are Important
Studies show that male pattern hair loss can cause a lot of emotional and psychological issues in the men that it affects. Feelings of depression, low self esteem and even introversion can occur, as the men who are affected feel unattractive compared to the cultural ideal of youth that bombards advertising and media each and every day. Finding a way to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area can help men to feel better about themselves, to be more assertive in their careers and, ultimately, to be more successful in many areas of their lives simply due to the confidence that they are able to gain with a remedy for hair loss.

Come to South Coast Hair Options, where we will do a complete scalp analysis and evaluation to determine the actual cause of your hair loss. Once the cause is identified, we can recommend a variety of treatments for hair thinning in the South Coast area that will work for you. Because there are so many different types of hair loss, no one solution will work for every client. This is why so many people waste money on popular over-the-counter treatments and don’t get any results. Chances are they were using a solution that was not created for their particular type of hair loss.

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