Advanced Dermal Lens System for New Bedford Hair Replacement

Anyone who has experienced even a small degree of hair loss has likely paid attention to those late-night television ads that promise a miracle cure to get a full head of hair in no time. Unfortunately, many of those as-seen-on-TV products simply do not work. There is no science behind the methods used, and the ones based on scientific techniques are unable to replicate the same results at home that you can get at a New Bedford hair loss clinic. The good news is that there is an affordable solution available right here in the South Coast area that not only looks completely natural but is also non-surgical and pain-free. A revolutionary dermal lens system known as Virtual Reality is available exclusively at South Coast Hair Options to help you look and feel like yourself again.

What is a Dermal Lens System?

Unlike a hairpiece, Virtual Reality becomes a part of you. It is not something you wear but an advanced technique that involves the application of an invisible, non-surgical dermal lens onto your scalp. Similar to a contact lens, Virtual Reality features real human hair, which is compatible with your natural color, density, curl pattern, texture, and length. A cosmetic miracle hair restoration treatment, Virtual Reality can even be used while other therapies are ongoing to provide immediate results. Our technicians will work with you to design a custom treatment program based on your unique needs, active lifestyle, and budget. Some of our treatments involve laser hair therapy, scalp treatments, and other solutions, all of which can be provided while using the Virtual Reality dermal lens system.

The perfect combination of science and art, the Virtual Reality system is an extremely thin product that is flexible and feels like a second skin. The base is so natural and adheres without any bumps or ridges, making it undetectable to the touch. Real human hair is used to provide you with a look that matches your own hair color, texture, and style. With practically no home maintenance, other than regular washing and conditioning, at South Coast Hair Options, our team will provide you with all the services and support you need to help keep your hair looking its best. This exclusive dermal lens base works even with those who have a highly active lifestyle. Rain or shine, shower or pool, sports or date night – your hair will always look great with Virtual Reality.

Does Virtual Reality Work for Everyone?

There are many benefits to choosing the Virtual Reality dermal lens system when you come to our New Bedford hair loss clinic. It is affordable, pain-free, non-surgical, and provides natural, undetectable results. Comfortable, brush-able, touchable – no one will know that it is not your own hair. There are no bumps, visible edges, tape, comb-overs, or other issues frequently experienced with other hair replacement programs. It should be no surprise that hair loss clinics like South Coast Hair Options have provided professional services to Hollywood actors, big-name athletes, and other celebrities. They count on this product to help them look youthful and maintain their appearance in films and television. Virtual Reality is designed to match your hair density, color, thickness, curl pattern, and style to deliver consistently great-looking results for every client we serve.

The best way to determine if the dermal lens system or other treatments are right for you is to visit reputable hair loss clinics like South Coast Hair Options. Our technicians will provide you with a FREE scalp evaluation to determine the underlying cause of your thinning hair, balding, or outright hair loss. Once we diagnose the issue, we can offer custom solutions that can either regrow hair, prevent future hair loss, or replace the hair that has already been lost. The sooner you get started, the easier it is to get back to that full head of hair that you once enjoyed. Whether you can see a difference with our laser hair therapy or other hair loss solutions, Virtual Reality can give you real results right now.

To schedule an appointment with one of our technicians, give us a call at 508-995-7085. We can answer any questions you might have about the Virtual Reality dermal lens system or provide insight into the services we offer at our New Bedford hair loss clinic. Call today – don’t wait another moment to look and feel your best at South Coast Hair Options.