Top Ideas for Hair Loss Treatments in New Bedford for Women

When it comes to learning about how to treat hair loss in women, it pays to have at least a basic understanding of how hair growth works. Much of the hair cycle occurs under the surface, which is why hair growth is so affected by things like medications, chemicals, infections, illnesses, and stressful situations. Growth […] Read more »

Boston Hair Loss Clinics: Best Approach for Men and Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness and other types of male hair loss are quite common these days. However, there are three options available to men who want to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area. Number one, you could choose to lose your hair “gracefully” and just embrace the receding hairline and bald spots. Number two, you […] Read more »

Regrow Hair for Men in Boston: Getting Ready for the Reunion

If you are making plans to go to a reunion in the next few months or year, you might be thinking about finding a hair loss treatment in New Bedford that will help you to look a bit more like the “old you” that everyone else will remember. Whether it is a reunion for high […] Read more »

Trichotillomania: Regrow Hair in Southeastern Massachusetts

You wake up one morning and start getting ready for your day. You wash your face and start brushing your hair, preparing to fix it in your preferred style. All of a sudden you realize – there’s a lot more scalp showing than there was last week. What could be causing this hair loss and […] Read more »

Hair Loss Treatments That Work: Boston Male Pattern Baldness

You will often read stories about men who have thinning hair or baldness that claim to have tried “everything” to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area without success. The truth is that while there are many options and products on the market, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. In order to truly find hair loss […] Read more »

Stop Hair Loss in New Bedford: Top Solutions for Women in MA

Have you noticed that there is more hair in the brush lately after you fix your hair? Are there piles of dead hair on your pillow each morning? Has your partner mentioned that there is a lot of hair in the shower drain? All these scenarios can be an indication of thinning hair. While we […] Read more »

Does Fall River Laser Hair Therapy Work for Women’s Hair Loss?

When most women talk about laser therapy, they are usually talking about hair removal treatments. However, one of the best hair solutions for women who are experiencing thinning hair or outright hair loss is Fall River laser hair therapy. Lasers are proven to help boost hair growth and even help hair to become thicker over […] Read more »

Corrective Hair Solutions for Men in the Greater Boston Area

What is the best way to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area for men who are suffering from male pattern baldness? That is the million dollar question for a billion dollar industry. The answer is not simple, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to finding the best treatment for hair loss […] Read more »

Greater Boston Hair Loss for Women: Discussing Your Options

For many years no one wanted to discuss women and hair loss publically. In fact, it wasn’t until recently that commercials for products that promise to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area for women even aired on television. Either the hair loss industry wasn’t aware of the need for women’s hair loss remedies or […] Read more »

What Men Should Do When They Lose Their Hair in Massachusetts

Have you started seeing more hair in your comb or brush when you get ready for work each day? Have you noticed a lot more scalp when you look in the mirror? Did your father, brother, uncle or grandfather have a receding hairline or go completely bald? If you said yes to any of these […] Read more »