Greater Boston Hair Loss Clinics Treat Male Pattern Baldness

It can be devastating when you realize that your thinning hair is leading to something more serious: male pattern baldness. Studies show that approximately 85 percent of men in America will experience significantly thinning hair by the age of 50. What’s even more surprising, however, is that two-thirds of American men will experience some degree […] Read more »

Learn About Top Hair Loss Solutions for Women in New Bedford

While it has become much more culturally acceptable for men to shave their heads and go completely bald, it is not so for women. Even thinning hair can make a woman feel as though she is no longer appealing or that she has lost an important part of herself. Female pattern baldness (FPD) is a […] Read more »

Fall River Hair Loss Clinics: LLLT for Women and Hair Loss?

Women who experience hair loss are often confused about how to begin to find a hair loss treatment in Fall River or the surrounding Southeastern Massachusetts area. While there are a lot of commercial on television that features baldness cures for men, not a lot of people talk about hair loss in women, which is […] Read more »

Truth About Male Pattern Baldness in the Greater Boston Area

Are you worried about male pattern baldness? Did your father lose all of his hair before he was 40? or maybe 50? Do you notice that your cousins and siblings are starting to lose their hair already? Look around at the workplace. How many co-workers do you know that have thinning hair or that distinct […] Read more »

Boston Hair Loss Clinics: Preventing Male Pattern Baldness?

Is it really possible to prevent something like male pattern baldness? After all, this type of Southeastern Massachusetts hair loss in men is typically attributed to heredity. Can you stop an inherited condition? Looking at the statistics in relation to male hair loss and FDA approved hair loss treatments, such as laser hair therapy, you […] Read more »

Psychological Effects of Women and Hair Loss in Boston Area

One of the most challenging things for a person is to lose their hair. However, it is somehow more acceptable in our culture for men to have thinning hair than women. Perhaps it has more to do with current hairstyle trends for men, which includes extremely short hair or complete hair removal on the scalp. […] Read more »

The Best Solution for Men and Hair Loss at Boston Area Clinics

What is the best solution for hair loss? What treatment works best for male pattern baldness? Is there a way to get “instant” results that will help you to look and feel like yourself without having to wait for weeks or months? When you visit local Boston hair loss clinics, such as South Coast Hair […] Read more »

Trichotillomania Hair Loss Solutions for Women in New Bedford

There are many reasons why women experience thinning hair or outright hair loss in Southeastern Massachusetts, but perhaps one of the most troubling causes is trichotillomania, otherwise known as hair pulling disorder. Considered to be a compulsive disorder, trichotillomania can be stopped and it is possible to regrow hair with hair loss treatments in Fall […] Read more »

Laser Hair Therapy Facts: Regrow Hair in Greater Boston Area

If you are experiencing thinning hair or outright hair loss, chances are good that you have already looked into your options to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area. Whether you work or live in Southeastern Massachusetts, hair loss for men can be devastating. Not only does it make you look and feel older, but […] Read more »

Hair Extensions vs Virtuesse Hair Replacement for Women in MA

Lots of women take advantage of the advancements made in professional hair extensions to increase volume and fullness for naturally thin or recently thinning hair. While there are many methods now available for clients who want to know how to treat hair loss in women, instant gratification can be had through the use of Virtuesse […] Read more »