Laser Hair Therapy Facts: Regrow Hair in Greater Boston Area

If you are experiencing thinning hair or outright hair loss, chances are good that you have already looked into your options to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area. Whether you work or live in Southeastern Massachusetts, hair loss for men can be devastating. Not only does it make you look and feel older, but […] Read more »

Hair Extensions vs Virtuesse Hair Replacement for Women in MA

Lots of women take advantage of the advancements made in professional hair extensions to increase volume and fullness for naturally thin or recently thinning hair. While there are many methods now available for clients who want to know how to treat hair loss in women, instant gratification can be had through the use of Virtuesse […] Read more »

Virtuesse Hair Replacement: Women & Hair Loss in New Bedford

Most television commercial that deal with finding a remedy for hair loss focus primarily on men. However, women and hair loss is a big issue. There are some very beneficial hair loss solutions for women that are available; some that will help to regrow hair and others that can be used as a temporary or […] Read more »

Boston Hair Loss Clinics: Dealing With Male Pattern Baldness

While many people may think that hair loss doesn’t affect men until they are older, the truth is that male pattern baldness can affect men of any age – even in their 20s. Regardless of your age, it can be difficult to deal with hair loss. You may have already visited local Boston hair loss […] Read more »

You Owe It to Yourself: Greater Boston Hair Loss Treatments

Have you ever thought about going to a professional clinic to regrow hair in the Greater Boston area? Have you ever asked the question, “Why is my hair falling out?” While there are a lot of gimmicks on television that promise to regrow hair in just a few steps using an at-home solution, nothing beats […] Read more »

Hair Growth 101: Hair Loss Solutions for Women in New Bedford

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Proven Laser Hair Therapy at Boston Hair Loss Clinics for Men

Men who have been diagnosed with androgenic alopecia, the most common type of hair loss experienced by men in America, are often told that there is no hope. However, there is a proven treatment for hair thinning that is FDA approved and provided for certain patients who fit the criteria for this hair loss treatment […] Read more »

Why is My Hair Falling Out? Finding Solutions in New Bedford

If you have noticed a little more hair in the shower drain or hair brush and are concerned about thinning hair, the good news is that there are some amazing solutions available in New Bedford to regrow hair in women. Unlike male pattern baldness, more than 90 percent of hair loss experienced by women is […] Read more »

Boston Area Hair Loss Clinics: How Much Hair Loss is Normal?

One of the most frightening and depressing things for a woman to go through is to lose her hair. The good news is that medical studies reveal that 90 percent of hair loss in women is temporary, so there is hope. Through proper treatment you can regrow hair in the Greater Boston area at South […] Read more »

New Bedford Hair Loss: Is It Possible for Men to Regrow Hair?

There is a lot of mixed information available as to whether or not treatments, such as laser hair therapy and other options available at your New Bedford hair loss clinic can actually produce results. The truth is that every person is different and the only way to regrow hair in Southeastern Massachusetts – or anywhere […] Read more »